Random image of Textel, my bat fursona


Some more rendering stuff

Final 1920 by 1080 render of the thing

Continuing from my last rendering post, the spider mini boss in “Quackventure” shoots these little energy balls at the player. I added the energy ball after the render in Paint.NET to get this neat little scene.

It only took a couple hours of work and I got such a nice result for the time spent! Didn’t think it would be this easy given that I’ve never performed a render before. Thanks cycles!

Anyway, the picture above is the final render in 1920x1080, enjoy.

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Another 4am Blender night...

editor 1

editor 2

render of spider image

This is a product of another 4am night playing around working with Blender’s Cycles renderer for some art for a song.

My friend ended up giving me some models from his game “Quackventure” for the album art (the song is called Mini Boss, these are a Mini Boss from his game). I retextured everything, made a scene for the little spiders, and had fun posing the little eyes and sculpting the rocks and the webs. The rendering above is just a quick progress picture as the final render is currently rendering in the background.

I’ll post the final one in the morning when it’s done and the song sometime soon.

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