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Why Python is so exciting for me

I’m in love with Python. Like madly in love. If I wasn’t pretty crazy about this one girl right now I’m sure that I’d probably start hanging out with Python more, take it out to dinner, get to know it better, you know how it is.

I remember when I first looked at Python and went “What in the hell, who would want to program in this?! No braces? Colons?? How do you read the code??” Eventually I grew to really love it and has become possibly my favorite to program in (on the same level as C#). I know some that will try to force their beliefs on others when it comes to languages and IDEs. I only want to share with you my excitement for this language. In terms of enjoyment though, I really do believe a favorite language is based on personal taste and people should respect that.

But why do I love it? I could probably go on and on about the exact features I like but that’d get a little repetitive. If I had to choose one thing I’d have to say the simplicity of the collections matched with their flexibility and power is my favorite feature. Also, the fact that there’s a library that pretty much does anything you want just one console command away doesn’t hurt either (with PyPI).

Python is also the first language I could just rattle out simple tools to serve my life with.

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