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Verizon Did Some Cool Shit

I saw this video by SethBling (above) today and while it’s not vastly exciting or landmark it demonstrates an interesting concept with games, technology, and communication. Before I get into it, CaptainSparklez also made a companion video, and Verizon made a Press Release on this

Quick Video Description

Two popular Minecraft personalities (SethBling and CaptainSparklez) partnered with Verizon to make an operational phone in Minecraft. The phone connected to Verizon’s cellular network to send texts and place a video call to the real world from Minecraft among other things. SethBling made a video call to himself to show how it all worked at first. On the receiving end it displays the character in Minecraft and sound from the caller’s microphone. In Minecraft, the video call feed is displayed using Minecraft blocks (and so looks very blocky) but is intelligible and responsive. SethBling then placed a call to CaptainSparklez to show that it indeed works over the cellular network.

What this means?

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