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Cubecus is a set of Blender level design tools for level editing and building architectural forms. It should feel familiar to users of Valve's Hammer Editor but also to Blender users as it features deep integration (where possible) with Blender's existing tools.

Current present in this toolkit:

  • Primitive Manipulator (The white selection box)
    • Create primitives of desired size and resolution
    • Manipulate any Blender object
    • Duplication with Shift + Drag
    • Flip horizontal and vertical
    • Snap to custom unit or grid size
    • All actions exist as Blender operators so are mappable to hotkeys and shown as buttons
    • Automatically tries to adjust if you run another operator (scale, translate, any...)

To be added in the future:

  • A texture applicator that allows for quick face selection, texture setting, and UV manipulations
  • A vertex editting tool similar to Hammer's (quickly selecting and moving vertices that all share an axis)
  • Maybe a port to 3DS max, should it have a sufficiently powerful drawing API like bgl

Issues and help are tracked in GitHub.

If you find use in this tool, consider supporting me on Patreon Patreon-Icon_Primary-smol2.

or by purchasing on Itch.io or paypal