Active Projects

The things I’m currently working on.

Cubecus for Blender

Download Blender Add-on which adds new UI for productivity in level design workflows.

3D Work

Everything related to the 3rd dimension


Steam Workshop Picking up where another mapper left off, this map was created as the single test map for a Garry’s Mod gamemode Dominion for the Moron Yard community. While finished enough for playtesting, the project lost motivation and the map went without update into the gamemode’s release.


Steam Workshop Originally finished in under a week, this map was created to prove my level design skill to the Darklands community in order to take on bigger projects. Released in Garry’s Mod 11 Beta and rereleased after the beta ended. It has 7.4k subscribers.


An unfinished RP map for the Darklands community for their custom SEOW RP gamemode.


A two team, two floor map for the Darklands community Fortwars gamemode. Finished but unreleased.


A four team, single floor map for the Darklands community Fortwars gamemode featuring large holes that would reset the ball in each spawn. Finished but unreleased.


Chrome, Firefox, and IE (begrudgingly)


Sources Search engine for NHTSA’s NASS database written as my undergraduate thesis. Allows for arbitrary boolean keyword searches over the entire database in any column from console or companion web application.

Base Raiders Loading Screen

Live Example The loading screen for the original Garry’s Mod Base Raiders server. Deeply integrated with the Garry’s Mod loading API, it provides download progress as well as a helpful tutorial for new players.