Chemistory Level and Net Code

chemistory level

Chemistory over the past couple weeks got a few new features, the biggest being an actual level and client/server networking code (or at least the start of it).


There's a separate build for client (Browser) and server (NodeJS), both of which run THREE.js and Oimo.js, though the server doesn't actually render anything. It took a switch to Gulp from Grunt, a pull request to WWOBJLoader2, and heavy use of ifdef-loader but it all actually talks to each other. Next steps are to add boilerplate for RPCs and member syncing and test out a little bit of multiplayer.

Another Game Endeavor: "Chemistory"


About two weeks ago I had this really cool idea for a video game. After bringing it to my friends and iterating over it I've begun implementing it in javascript with THREE.js and a few other libraries.

Basically, instance based exploration where chemicals are your main weapons and inventory space is your main enemy. A theme of nerdy science girls (and boys) (think Princess Bubble Gum) and a light hearted, bright pastel colorset.

It's written in Javascript and I hope to bring it to a wider audience. If you have an interest, check out development updates as they're published