Vue.js render() and $slots; Corrupt DOM

Just ran into an issue today when making a component with a custom render() function and messing around with vnodes passed in via $slots. A seemingly simple template produced really odd results where some DOM elements would disappear, some would be duplicated, some would be out of order, and others would have their inner content ripped out to their outside after a few rerenders. Small template tweaks would also produce vastly different output, sometimes seemingly correct output.

You can see an example in this codepen:

See the Pen Vue.js $slots with and without v-bind:key by Peter "Cobertos" F.

HelloWorld Games Jam Outcome

My current company, HelloWorld, hosted a small games jam after hours. Over the course of 5 days, James (another dev at HW) and I put together two small concepts utilizing a networking engine one of my other coworkers wrote

The original concept for my game was platformer where the player must escape a pool of rising lava and race her friends to some sort of goal. The first step was intergrating the networking engine with THREE.js and physics to get 3D aesthetics and correct movement. The actual gameplay is quite shaky due to integration problems and time limitations.


Another Game Endeavor: "Chemistory"


About two weeks ago I had this really cool idea for a video game. After bringing it to my friends and iterating over it I've begun implementing it in javascript with THREE.js and a few other libraries.

Basically, instance based exploration where chemicals are your main weapons and inventory space is your main enemy. A theme of nerdy science girls (and boys) (think Princess Bubble Gum) and a light hearted, bright pastel colorset.

It's written in Javascript and I hope to bring it to a wider audience. If you have an interest, check out development updates as they're published