Another Game Endeavor: "Chemistory"


About two weeks ago I had this really cool idea for a video game. After bringing it to my friends and iterating over it I've begun implementing it in javascript with THREE.js and a few other libraries.

Basically, instance based exploration where chemicals are your main weapons and inventory space is your main enemy. A theme of nerdy science girls (and boys) (think Princess Bubble Gum) and a light hearted, bright pastel colorset.

It's written in Javascript and I hope to bring it to a wider audience. If you have an interest, check out development updates as they're published

It's the small things

loading screen

Just a little loading screen I made. Getting the text to not clip with the cube was a challenge but it's the small little effects that give the nicest polish. Thanks to Base Raiders for the inspiration of the wireframe scroller.

Automated Memory Leak Testing in the Browser

Large single page web applications have a disadvantage over multi-page applications in that no page reload occurs. This means memory leaks are able to cause more performance problems in single page web applications as the lack of page reloads will not clear the javascript heap. While catching these leaks can be done by manually memory profiling, I will show you an automated test that will give a glimpse at whether memory leaks may be occuring.

The actual test is pretty simple though it requires Chrome to run. This is because Chrome comes with some nifty flags that let in browser