ConEmu with %CD% in bash

ConEmu is cool and if you haven't used it or any tool built on it (like cmder) then you've really been missing out on the best in Windows console development. I can't see myself ever going back to conhost.exe with its lack of color, unicode-support, buffered-scrolling, tabs, configuration, sane hotkeys...

ConEmu does suck sometimes at being easy to use out of the box though, including it's failure to keep track of the current directory in non-Windows shells. Most notably this is apparent when you try to clone a tab (defaults to Win + s) in a shell like bash and

Compiling Blender as a Python Module for Windows 10 x64 using Visual Studio

Using: blenderv2.78 pythonv3.4 or v3.5

If you want to do unit tests of Blender Python code, it might be to your benefit to not startup Blender every time you want to run them but to just import Blender as a Python module and run them from the command line. This is especially important/nice if you want to automate your tests. Note, before you jump in, if you just need mathutils you can get that separately here.

Luckily, Blender's build has a nifty feature by which you can compile it as a Python module and