Auction sites (US and MI specific)

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A list of auction and related sites I try to keep an eye on. Many specific to Michigan but some that are US national.


  • MI BidCorp - Mostly police, TSA, and municipality auctions
  • BidNet - I've only seen MI (even though it says nationwide). Seems to be mostly counties and municipalities. TODO: I cant seem to find a URL for this one or if it still exists. There are still live links on municipality websites
  • PublicSurplus - Nationwide but lots of MI stuff, Lot of education (universities) and municipalities/cities
  • Sheridan Auction Service - Sells DNR stuff, but online, and other interesting things
  • HiBid (Michigan specific) - Seems like a lot of auctioneers use this? LOTS of auctions, lots of junk, but there are categories for everything which is useful. I usually search through only interesting auctions, or through specific categories.
  • RJMAuctions - Company liquidations. Usually automotive related but seem some cool tech too

You might find more by searching for local auctioneers and going from there too.

Michigan Land

Land/property specific.

  • MI DNR - Land for sale from DNR. They auction off larger amounts bi-annually (in person?), this is usually what's left over.
  • ... others removed, links too old ...

Each county usually handles all its own tax foreclosures in separate systems, not easy to link to.


  • GSA Auctions - Nationwide federal government auctions
  • GovDeals - Nationwide & Canada. Cities and other entities. Really bad search. Go to location search at the top, type in zip code, search, hit "show all listings". Has affiliated sites NetworkInternational and AllSurplus too.
  •, sells bulk returns from Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc
  • GovPlanet - Has location search, seems well-known/lots of bidders
  • BidNow - JDs mom sent me this one

If you know of any more good ones, send me an email!