I got an Ordinance Violation for my Tiny Home 😬

Well, we got a notice that we're violating ordinances being in the tiny homes (my neighbor and I) on the landlord's property.

Ordinance violation noticeThe notice that was left on the door

No idea how the township found out... We have not been told whether or not it was from a complaint or from the township making an unannounced visit. The landlord says all the neighbors that knew about it were okay with it. The landlord seems confident too that we should stay, but I really don't want to mess with the potential $500 a day fine.

There is another group of tiny homes in the township (paywall) in a similar situation. Their situation was fine until the township repealed an ordinance they were applying to be permitted under (rustic campground). The township meeting minutes surrounding their case also says that the township used satellite imagery archives to confirm their presence. Perhaps that's how they found us?

While I knew this happening was a possibility1, I did not think it would happen so soon. I dread having to pull the tiny home off the property, and finding another place for it.

[1]: While the zoning ordinances were more lax than all the surrounding municipalities, they did have a minimum ~600sqft for a dwelling. They also did not have any language for accessory dwelling structures that I saw.