6 Months Living in the Tiny Home and Moving Out

The tiny home is off of the rented landlord's property! It was an experience but it was absolutely necessary that I moved out of it after we got a violation notice from the township. I'm just so glad it's all taken care of for now, yay! :3

Tiny home on the lowboy trailer being towed away by the semiThe tiny home being towed off the property

Settling into my new house I've been thinking about all the little things the tiny home did and did not do for me. I wanted to take some time to collect all my thoughts into one place.


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I bought a (small) building!

Through some timely events I ended up buying a small building through a University of Michigan (U of M) Property Disposition auction bid! My friend Reen tipped me off that they were getting rid of an entire building and I got super curious. I went to see it in person and it wasn't bad! just incomplete.

The tiny home when I first saw itChecking out the tiny home for the first time - My friend is in front of it for scale x3

I was excited to maybe get this thing, but ...

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